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WordPress is the most widely used software platform when you want to create a beautiful website or blog. We like to say that WordPress is free but at the same time is invaluable! Orientation on aesthetics, web standards and ease of use make it the # 1 choice among journalists, writers or bloggers ordinary. Furthermore, the fact that free software is available for free, allows free distribution and personalization to appeal to everyone. In short, WordPress is the choice you have to do if you want to create a website, a blog or a simple personal page and you do not want to hassle with configuring or customizing it.


This release contains complete localization package WordPress. Archive files package contains both language and translation files used to install and can be located not only directly:  readme.html wp-config-sample.php This version is no different from the official code. Where will arise the need for code changes, this will be announced here, and the changes will be studied. If installation problems we recommend visiting the forums for assistance in Romanian or English, and issues related to development and customization WordPress, we recommend resources for developers.


Once downloaded archive with the latest version, unzip it and upload the files in the root of your domain. Enter the browser at the end /readme.html adding domain. This file comes with the localized version of the WordPress package and contains all information necessary setup and installation. If you want to pass a version with one location in Romanian, just select the Romanian language in the general settings.

As a web developer, you transformed customer requirements into reality, in terms of the technology. Are you WordPress sites or applications you are what you are, who knows how things work. When dropping the project, due to lack of experience, customers can access and modify the content or parts accidentally. Of course, everything can be fixed, but the damage may prevent WordPress site no longer work for a certain period. To avoid such situations, it is recommended to protect your WordPress site through certain commands, and limit their access to only what is absolutely necessary.

Limit the text editor and visual default, the WordPress WYSIWYG editor, supports many formatting options for customized themes. It’s the simplest way clients have access to changes such as font size and text color; things that do not seem to be too much trouble, but well done can turn a site into one that will not look good.
Using WordPress presume advantages for web development.

The project is included in the category of portals dedicated to newspapers, blogs, and others.
Einfach Hub company use this type of web development if any client needs it and can help you (the client) to receive your product as you want and as you need it.

We Einfach Hub company comes to you with the entire package of services: creating web applications (websites, online shops, B2B platform) Designer, manage their own internet promotion and maintenance continue.

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