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HTTP Middleware is a mechanism that helps us to filter HTTP requests to get in your application. In Laravel, for example, we have a middleware helps us to check if this user is a logged in. What we can use Middleware is where you can help a middleware. • If you work in an API can create middleware API key to confirm • We can change the language of the site depending on the area where we are • We start mode maintenance

Learning Laravel, a popular framework, you will have knowledge about how to build websites and applications with PHP. We make websites available, with aesthetically pleasing, fully manageable by the user and optimized for search engines. We do not use templates and every project is treated with respect, regardless of value. Any website made by Touch Media is uniquely designed in the online environment, with a dedicated management system and optimized for search engines. Web sites are achieved in stages (design, implementation CSS/HTML, programming and CMS, SEO and testing) following a brief that every client must complete.

Defined as an Open Source programming language, like PHP, Laravel won its simplicity and ease of interface presented a large number of programmers. Considered not only simple to install and use but also stylish Laravel shows that dose of attractiveness that can delight the eye technical web developer who wants to create layouts showy, without advanced knowledge of web design or product design. It is a revolutionary all that means for years, PHP and WordPress (in terms of specialized blogs). Laravel solves one of the most common problems developers: that the delivery of timely and well-validated product listed on the market. Extremely important is the development of a product that conveys professionalism, seriousness or to convince consumers to move to the next stage, that of purchase. All these problems seem to be easily solved by Open Source solution, known among developers as the Laravel. Ease of use is enhanced Laravel and instructions, complete and extremely well documented.
Also around this framework to build a strong community of developers and testers prepared by their experience, provide solutions to real problems that punctuate developers. At launch, Laravel created an uproar by taking pledges on minimizing effort and transformation actions in what programmers call programming fun mood. Also, Laravel reveals another set of algorithms, far from being boring, leaving more freedom programmer to focus on the architecture of applications, not actual writing lines of code. Also, the subsequent amendment Laravel that a programmer makes a segment of code or a function does not affect other application modules, which provides extra safety and relaxation. Laravel introduced procedures logical and intuitive aiming name given to the saved files, classes or databases called. Smart functionality by choosing Defaults, Laravel allows the programmer focus on the proper functioning of the application, as well as rapid development and correct (no errors) code structure.

We Einfach Hub company use besides classical languages (PHP, MySQL, JavaScript, etc.) and complex frameworks that can develop any type of project. We like to work on Code Igniter and Laravel but we are not removed from Cake PHP or Virtue art, Joomla or WordPress. Another service is the realization of traditional online stores on dedicated platforms. Depending on the complexity desired store can choose together the best solution for web development. Steps achievement of an online store are agreed by the Client: UX / UI, and logic design, programming, testing and live. We work in stages to eliminate downtime and miscommunications.

We are here to answer all your needs of graphic and web application development. We are willing to offer free advice to all potential clients and web consulting. Our experience allows us to create the whole picture of your company, starting with the creation of logo’s, business cards, office documents, brochures and objects advertising and ending with the creation of the site web and cd presentation.It will impress not only customers but also competitors. All culminating consulting, advertising campaign online products and services your company.

In Einfach Hub company, we take seriously our web development projects. We know that every line of code is important for the success of your online business. By choosing us, you can count on a secure online solution and rigorously constructed.

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