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CodeIgniter architecture work is based on Model-View-Controller (MVC) but is very flexible and permissive on the organization code. While every application must contain one or more controllers, models and view sites are optional but recommended. CodeIgniter also enables the organization as hierarchical Model-View-Controller (HMVC [2]), which allows better modularity and compartmentalization of possible sections of a site in the form of sub-folders. Code Igniter is very known and appreciated for its speed when compared to other PHP frameworks. One of the inventors of PHP, RasmusLerdorf, during a conference in August 2008, said he appreciates Code igniter “because it is faster, less massive and less like a framework.”

The first public version of the framework EllisLab site was launched on 28th February 2006. On July 9, 2013, EllisLab announces that it is looking for a new developer to Code igniter, siting lack of resources to provide framework’s attention and time required. On October 6, 2014, EllisLab announces that the Code igniter framework development and management came under the British Columbia Institute of Technology.

CodeIgniter we thinks it is much easier to use than other frameworks for PHP. Code igniter was very easy to understand and use because it has syntax easy to understand and work with this framework only lead to fewer things written for solving requirements. That I appreciate the most about this framework is working with databases, to create a connection to the database is very easy and to get input data in the database is easy.
Other reasons you might choose CodeIgniter are supported for Active Record, XSS protection, protection CRSF, useful features to validate form data, very few files you work with, improving workflow, the prescription files already existing framework.

An extremely important aspect of CI is organizing code. Working with a database is separate from the Controller, the presentation is separate from the application itself. This enables effective work in teams of developers. If a team is working on the design of this application does not affect the team that handles the functionality needed and querying the database. For comfort, the application can be made more “skins” that can switch between them relatively easy. This is very important because very often we have seen situations, where a client wanted to change the design after implementation of the changes found that some functions may not behave as expected or, worse, we had to rewrite almost all application because there is a minimal organization of code. Another particularly useful is the ability of CI to expand basic libraries, writing classes and new libraries that then integrate them easily into the structure of the framework. Also if we do not use some of the core classes but may do so in a relatively easy manner. CodeIgniter allows and even facilitates the development of applications-friendly search engines. CI scheme allows a friendly URLs like, allowing navigation through URL, giving the user another way to access content searched in an easier, but this involves using the rewrite engine.

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