Mobile PSD Services

The minimum standard for a site (eg presentation) that has dynamic content or other special needs will deliver the PSD following sites:

1. A model for the home; An additional page content that will specify the style and position of text, images and any other item that does not appear on the home page (before the site is considered a minimum standard means that all pages will be made in this style); Optional delivers a PSD with a contact page (contact data means displaying static text). You will be drawn to the contact position of the text on the page.
2. Website with intro For a website in the first page accessed is different from the rest of the site will supply the following PSD sites: The page intro; Then follow the directions at Standard Minimum (see above section 1. The minimum standard).
3. A Site with forms If your site needs different forms for these styles will be specified (see above Section 2. A Site with the intro page). If necessary pages of forms (contacts, appointments, etc.) will make a PSD in which they are drawn. Position draw will form on the page, position, and style of various fields, labels style.
4. A Site with gallery If your site needs a photo gallery will provide a PSD with the page. The gallery will draw position on the page. It will draw thumbnail-sized style and position. Indicate the number of columns. Will deliver large thumbnails of the images in the format set. If there is text it will draw its style and position.
5. Website with product catalog If the site contains a catalog of products will deliver a minimum of 2 PSD sites. SDP menu page catalog will draw position and style of the text and image/picture. Specify if images are the thumbnail or inline. PSD product page will draw position and style of text and images. If there gallery will follow the steps on site with photo gallery section. If the product catalog is made by categories will be done and an SDP page menu categories in the same manner.

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