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Every One Knows that the demand of mobile apps has increased in all businesses.Discover our steps to tackle a project We live in a world where communication is becoming increasingly important in our lives and need to be in contact with others is manifested in all current activities. Modern technology supports this need, and mobile devices represent perhaps the foremost exponent of this technology. Smartphones (smartphones) equipped with operating systems becoming more advanced tend to incorporate in them a small universe of each of us: phone book, breaking news, contact with friends, business meetings, games, diet, schedule drug treatment and alarms … and what not …

We are becoming more (and more) dependent on these technologies, communication, connection, transfer information. All this is possible thanks to mobile applications that run on these devices. Given our passion (the authors) for programming and application development, we propose in this book a quick insight into what it means developing applications on the Android platform.

The main advantage of native mobile applications consists of native applications in their performance compared to hybrid applications, mostly based only on formal display Web content. Using the newest versions of programming languages and development platforms, our team unites programming experience and attention to detail to achieve a top design, to develop native applications according to customer requirements, be it Android or iOS.

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Einfach HUB is a software development company that has extensive experience in creating applications for Android and iOS smartphone platforms, developing complex web applications (ERP, CRM, SFA) and in the development of websites. Whether there is a software application on your iPhone or Android terminal, a software application for smartphones can lead your business to new and exciting areas. Companies benefit from smartphone applications to help sales development, while applications for smartphone use brands to become an essential part of the life of a consumer.Mobile applications increase the value of a brand.

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Android App

Android platform from Google marks success after success in the market of smartphones. After an increase of 886% and more and more followers, the Android operating system began to be a threat even to the almighty iPhone. However, despite resounding success, many do not know exactly what is and what makes Android.What is Android?According to the definition of basic Android is an operating system for smartphones running on iOS platforms like the iPhone and BlackBerry IOS running on BlackBerry handsets. The platform was created by Google and run for the first time on your T-Mobile G1, launched in 2008.

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Window App

Windows environment history is dotted with a number of successes and an equal number offails. Windows appeared as little more than a switched environment. The initial release in 1985, version 1.0 was less than desirable and, in general, its reception by specialized industry was, frankly, rather discouraged. Has been many problems with the original edition of the environment.As computer power has become available to a wider audience, users have looked for ways of easing of access to applications. Apple Macintosh, introduced in 1984 was the first successful product-oriented business, which provided a natural interface computer, based on images.

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Hybrid/Ionic/Phonegap App

Today the use of smart mobile devices ranging from tablets and phones is a permanent increase. Because of that mobile device manufacturers are forced to improve their hardware products and come up with improved technology or science fiction as if broken. It is not new either that the sales of hardware products from giant companies like Apple, Samsung, BlackBerry or Nokia is given largely by the number and quality of software applications each platform it provides its users.Mobile platforms such as iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone now fighting and winning attention from software developers who ultimately have the potential to attract or repel users.

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