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Electronic commerce is the purchase or sale activity through remote data transmission, a specific activity expansive policy of marketing commercial companies. Through the Internet develops a relationship of exchange of goods and services between the bidder and the future buyer. In the 1990s IBM through a proper advertising campaign, the equivalent term made popular and Electronic Business. A related term is E-Trade, which refers to the electronic exchange trading. The use of all electronic participation in e-commerce activity called electronic transaction.
Closely related to electronic commerce and other electronic activities can be, for example serving buyers, shipping the goods (if it’s electronic media), collaborating with business partners and leading an organization through electronic means.

The classic commercial transactions there are the following steps:
1. Commercial information relating to the transaction ie marketing research;
2. The general conclusion of the trade agreement;
3. Ordering/sale of a product or service;
4. Payment.

In e-commerce and digital services tradable goods (excluding logistics stages) and WHERE THESE They are as traded goods Called digital electronic market (in English e-market space) – the virtual context in Which buyers and sellers have each other and electronics Traded business. Commerce l allows electronic participation of both individuals and businesses, and the state or its institutions. Depending on the relationship between these participants were born several categories of e-commerce.

E-commerce Services We Offer-


Any online shop needs something unique to differentiate it from the competitors to be able to reach your goal. Whether you want a theme that new and attractive or unique functionality to your online store, we will work with you in order to deliver the perfect eCommerce solution for your business. If you already have an online store that you want to migrate it to another eCommerce platform or you want a new store, we are the right choice Einfach Hub Company in both cases…

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Open Cart

OpenCart is an open source for CMS e-commerce solution based on PHP and MySQL. A CMS (Content Management System) is a software system used to aid users in managing the content of a Web site. A Web CMS is used to store, modify and publish specific data from documents to specific articles and technical books. The most popular CMS in addition OpenCart are Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, and Prestashop. OpenCart uses a framework based on MVC architecture

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Presta Shop

Products and categories Base is a PrestaShop store or catalog that contains products and product categories. Adding products is not only text but images and adding and validating content. It means pricing, weight, size, characteristics, specifications, details, the manufacturer, supplier each product and much more. The “Catalog” can be accessed by opening the menu with the same name, which lists all pages related products. From here you can manage the product catalog for all store.

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Shopify is a platform through which you can create an online store quite easily. There’s something kind all inclusive. That is, they offer hosting, email and all you have to shop online, especially the electronic payments. It is true that there is a fee for this, but each payment processor charges a fee for each card transaction. And until you can negotiate your fee you need some volume. Shopify studying for a project of someone cee seems to be but does not know anyone who had used this platform in a Romanian online store…

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