How to generate Twitter API Key and Secret

October 1, 2018 Tutorial

Generate Twitter API Key and Secret

Step 1)

To generate Twitter API Key and Secret, first, you need to apply for a Developer Twitter account. Please click here to apply.

Step 2)

If you have successfully created your twitter developer account then please click here. Now at the top right side of the page, you will see the drop-down menu button click there and choose apps as shown in the image below –

Twitter API key

Now you should create a new app and make sure when you are creating an app, all credentials should be correct. You have to enable the checkbox input field sign in with Twitter as shown image below-Note – “Callback URLs should be different but if you are using Opencart Login Pro plugin then you should include twitterCallback after your Domain name as shown in the image above. “

Step 3)

After filling all the valid information click on create button. It will create your application. Now you need click on the Permission navigation tab menu. Then change access permission settings as shown image below –

After changing the permission settings click on save button as shown in the image above.

Step 4)

Now you should click on Keys and Token navigation tab menu. Here you should get your App’s API key and API Secret Key as shown image below –

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