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February 5, 2019 OpenCart

OpenCart Related Products Admin Pro plugin provides an easy way to mark and arrange the related products on the product page of admin. This is a better way of editing the related items. The standard way in OpenCart is a lot of work and this one is very simple.

Installation Steps

Step 1)

Please click here to download our plugin for OpenCart version 3. It is compatible with all versions of Opencart 3. After downloading the plugin login to your store admin and go to Extension -> Installer page.

OpenCart Related Products

Step 2)

Now upload the zip file of the plugin, the installer will start the installation process automatically. If install progress complete that means the plugin is uploaded to your store.

Step 3)

You can see a new entry for plugin on modifications page. Go to Extensions -> Modifications page, you should see an entry for this OpenCart Related Products Admin Pro extension as shown in the image below. Modifications page is used to show the list of all XML modifications made by installed plugins.

Step 4)

To see the plugin in action you need to refresh the cache by clicking on the Refresh button at the top-right corner of the page.

Step 5)

Now go to Exensions->Extensions->Modules page and select modules from the dropdown. Now look for “OpenCart Related Products Admin Pro” plugin in the list. You need to install it by click on green + icon and then edit to enable the plugin.

Permission Issue:

If you get permission denied issue then go to Users->User Groups, edit administrator or desired group. Now select all access and modify permission and save.

Check Admin Product Form:

Go to admin->catalog->products, edit a product and click on the ‘links’ tab you will see at the end of the tab that there’s a Related products option at the end of the form as shown in the below image and products are listed according to the selected category in the left where you need to select products and add to the related products list in the right by selecting the products from the left and adding by clicking the right arrow input button. You can also remove related products, select the products from the right products list and click on the left arrow input button. Up and Down arrow button is to move the position of the product in the list of related products.

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In case you need any customization in our OpenCart Related Products Admin Pro plugin or any other plugin please let us know. You can contact us at [email protected] or chat with us on Skype [email protected]

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