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March 27, 2019 OpenCart

OpenCart Custom Blocks Plugin helps to add custom blocks on the home page as well as other pages. You can assign new blocks using layouts. With the help of this plugin, you can easily create multiple new blocks e.g. promotional banners, featured products list etc. It is compatible with all versions of OpenCart 3. Below is one example of blocks created by the plugin –

OpenCart Custom Blocks

OpenCart Custom Blocks Features

  1. Add custom blocks on home page
  2. Add custom block on product page
  3. Add custom block on the category page
  4. Set the position of a block
  5. Can show blocks in content bottom or top from the layouts
  6. Type of blocks – Banners, Products, HTML/Text

Installation Steps

Step 1)

Please click here to download our plugin for OpenCart 3 version. After downloading the plugin, login to your admin store and go to Extension->Installer page.

Step 2)

Now, first of all, you have to upload the file of the plugin. The installation process will start automatically if the installation process complete you will see a new entry of plugin.

Go to Extensions -> Modifications page, you should see an entry for this OpenCart Custom Blocks plugin as shown in the image below-

Now you need to refresh the cache by clicking on the refresh button at the top-right corner of the page as shown in the image above.

Step 3)

Now go to Extension->Extension page and set the type of the extensions to Modules. You will see an entry of OpenCart Custom Blocks plugin as shown in the image below-

Step 4)

To see OpenCart Custom Blocks plugin in action, you need to click on install button as shown in the image above. After installing the plugin, click on the edit button which is besides at the install button of the plugin.

How to Use OpenCart Custom Blocks

Step 1)

Now you will see Module Name and the Status input field. You should fill Module name and set status enabled. Please check the image below –

Now in the Settings section, you will see there is a select option input box. There are three different option to choose – Product, Layout, and Text. If you want to create a block layout for Products you should choose Product Option otherwise you should select the layout or Text option. Select the layout option as shown image below-

Step 2)

After selecting the Layout option it will explore more settings. Now there is first option to select layout at there are three types of design layout you should choose anyone or select layout 1. Below it, you will see there is a skeleton of relevant design layout which will render on the page, as the shown image above.

Now you should upload the images but make sure your images size should be equal as specified at the below of image upload field. There is another input field right side of the upload images you should fill Image name of relevant images, it would be helpful for SEO tactics.

If you want to attach the link on the banner image you should put the Url on Banner Url Input field. Ex-Category Page Url. There is last option for open that banner URL link on new tab or same tab of the browser you should select open in New Tab as shown image below-

Step 3)

Now it’s time to create more block layouts section click on Add new block green button as shown image above. You will see there, one more option row appears now this time you should select Products option as shown image below.

Step 4)

Now on the left side, you will see there are three input fields. First, you need to write down the title of Products block layout. Now in Search Product input field, you should search product by their name then click on it, that one product will add to the Product List Box which is at the exact right side of the section.

Here you can also show random products by selecting a particular category. You have to search category by their name in Search Category input box.

Step 5)

Now let us explain about 3rd block type Text. For that, you should click on Add new green button.

Like the above image, you should see there is Text Section Title input field you should write the title of this text layout block. Next Input field Text Description is mainly for the text content of the block. With the help of this editor here, you can easily add images, videos, text paragraph with multiple font styles.

On every layout block section, there is a Sort Order input field. If you want to change display priority then use this field.

Step 6)

After following all of the instructions, click on the save button as shown image below-

Step 7)

Now, go Design->Layout and click on the edit button of Home or any other layout. Now you should choose the Position of module Content Top and then select the module of OpenCart Custom Blocks then click on the save button as shown in the image below-

Now you should check the created design layout on the home page of site. We can select any position Content Bottom or Content Top.

In case you need any customization in our OpenCart Custom Blocks Plugin or any other plugin please let us know. You can contact us at [email protected] or chat with us on Skype [email protected]

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