How to get Google App Credentials

October 1, 2018 Tutorial

Generate Google App Credentials

Step 1)

First of all, please sign in to your Google account and click here to generate Google App Credentials. Click on create the button as shown in the image below –

Google App Credentials

Step 2)

After registering a project, it will show you a create credential dropdown button. Now click on the Create Credentials drop-down button and select OAuth Client ID as shown in the image below –

In the OAuth client ID page, it will ask you to set a product name first. For that please click on Configure Constant Screen button as shown in the image below –

Now you should fill all the valid credentials details for your project and then click on save button as shown in the image below –

Step 3)

After saving the OAuth Constant Screen credential, the page will redirect to another page and ask to choose the application type. Please select the web application as shown in the image below –

After choosing the web application another input model section appears. Now, you need put the authorized domain of your website. Callback URIs after the Domain name should be same as shown in the image above. Then click on create button.

If there is no error with authorized redirect URIs, it will show a pop-up box having your client ID and client Secret as shown in the image below – 

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