OpenCart PageSpeed Insights – OpenCart Optimization

March 3, 2019 OpenCart

OpenCart PageSpeed Insights plugin will increase your website score on Google PageSpeed Insights Tool. Google PageSpeed Insights Tool is used to analyze the performance of websites. Your website performance plays a […]

OpenCart Related Products Admin Pro Plugin

February 5, 2019 OpenCart

OpenCart Related Products Admin Pro plugin provides an easy way to mark and arrange the related products on the product page of admin. This is a better way of editing […]

OpenCart Twitter Feeds Installation Guide

October 16, 2018 OpenCart

OpenCart Twitter Feeds Plugin helps to display the latest tweets from your Twitter account and display tweets as per the page layout of OpenCart. You can set the tweets-data-limit, height of […]

How to generate Twitter API Key and Secret

October 1, 2018 Tutorial

Generate Twitter API Key and Secret Step 1) To generate Twitter API Key and Secret, first, you need to apply for a Developer Twitter account. Please click here to apply. Step 2) If you have successfully created your […]

How to get Facebook App Credentials

October 1, 2018 Tutorial

Generate Facebook App Credentials Step 1) First of all, please sign in to your Facebook account and click here to generate Facebook App Credentials. Now, at the top right side of the page, you […]