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The first Web designer was even WWW inventor, Tim Berners-Lee, who published the first site in history in 1991. At first, sites were not nearly as complex as currently loaded graphics, the language used – HTML – is not too strong, allowing only a limited number of formatting and inserting links in order to “connect” with each page, web design is actually more “programming” web. Currently, concern for the graphics of the sites, commercial and advertising have become powerful tools, fully justifies the name of “web design”, and the technologies used have diversified and become increasingly complex. Companies that produce sites with specialized staff working at each stage of development of a site, from graphic design to programming stage and editing content for SEO (Search Engine Optimization – optimizing sites for search engines). Current sites are becoming more focused on animation and interactive dynamism, these goals are met in the popular Adobe Flash software and other programs after it emerged that can automatically generate animated files of various formats.

Why Einfachub? More traffic, more opportunities, more sales when working on a website, we propose that the final product to be balanced between the needs of human readings and search engine algorithms. Often, these needs may conflict, but our experience, trends in web design and statistics that we have made we can impose, in a high position of ranking web pages to be able to transform your visitors into potential customers and clients in permanent and constant gain.

Web Design Services We Offer-

Website PSD

The minimum standard for a site (eg presentation) that has dynamic content or other special needs will deliver the PSD following sites:
1. A model for the home; An additional page content that will specify the style and position of text, images and any other item that does not appear on the home page (before the site is considered a minimum standard means that all pages will be made in this style); Optional delivers a PSD with a contact page (contact data means displaying static text). You will be drawn to the contact position of the text on the page.

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Mobile PSD

As a web design company, we Einfach Hub were able to better understand the needs of our customers and listening to integrating solutions covering all their needs. When talking about professional web design services is not enough to be good at programming or web graphics. The customer needs not only a website did technically, but also an attractive interface and user-friendly, providing a good user experience optimization on site and off site, applications, and functionalities to automate process management customers and sales. Also, a web design firm comes serious and effective web promotion solutions…

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If you have a design in Photoshop well done that you have applied effects, you can use a free plugin that will help you turn those properties of a complicated layer (gradients, shadows, borders, rounded border) directly in CSS 3. CSS code generated It supports Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer.This allows you to save minutes/hours to implement the good design. I first tested this plugin on a project for a very good accounting firm and managed full implementation of the design with a single sprite for icons…

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