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Windows environment history is dotted with a number of successes and an equal number offails. Windows appeared as little more than a switched environment. The initial release in 1985, version 1.0 was less than desirable and, in general, its reception by specialized industry was, frankly, rather discouraged. Has been many problems with the original edition of the environment.
As computer power has become available to a wider audience, users have looked for ways of easing of access to applications. Apple Macintosh, introduced in 1984 was the first successful product-oriented business, which provided a natural interface computer, based on images.

Windows 2.x.
This version of Windows offered a sum of text and nothing more applications. Actually, don’t offer more than a menu. This system was due partly to the lack of restrictions related to memory and microprocessor power offered by Windows 8086 in March. x. Introduced to the market on 22 May 1990 gave really hit. This was the first version which offered users a real reason to give up the operating system DOS applications.

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