Hybrid Application Services

Today the use of smart mobile devices ranging from tablets and phones is a permanent increase. Because of that mobile device manufacturers are forced to improve their hardware products and come up with improved technology or science fiction as if broken. It is not new either that the sales of hardware products from giant companies like Apple, Samsung, BlackBerry or Nokia is given largely by the number and quality of software applications each platform it provides its users.

Mobile platforms such as iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone now fighting and winning attention from software developers who ultimately have the potential to attract or repel users.Software developers in turn seeks to make its place in the mobile software markets, a place designed to ensure long-term stability. For this, the developers call placed from trying to choose between developing mobile applications using native code or the option to develop hybrid applications.

Native apps are very demanding when it comes to knowledge development programmer. This is because each platform requires knowledge of at least one programming language differently from another platform and in turn the programming language and comes with a template which is usually quite thick. For a product “native” can be run on multiple operating systems, usually one programmer is needed for each platform based on the workload, deadlines and other factors.

Hybrid Applications Mobile applications are typically applications that are developed using web technologies (JavaScript, HTML, CSS). Currently, hybrid applications begin to take root more powerful because many development environments are becoming more stable and offer more functionality to all hardware devices.
Features hybrid applications typically consist of a native type web browser that can access different functionalities of the platform running (eg. Video camera, contacts, etc.). Hybrid applications typically have the same graphic design on all platforms that have been published without taking into account the implementation guide the user interface for each platform on which the application runs.

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