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Android platform from Google marks success after success in the market of smartphones. After an increase of 886% and more and more followers, the Android operating system began to be a threat even to the almighty iPhone. However, despite resounding success, many do not know exactly what is and what makes Android

What is Android?
According to the definition of basic Android is an operating system for smartphones running on iOS platforms like the iPhone and BlackBerry IOS running on BlackBerry handsets. The platform was created by Google and run for the first time on your T-Mobile G1, launched in 2008.

Why is Android so special?
The people at Google could not take its decision when they decided to release Android as an open source system. iPhone, Apple is strictly controlled, or at the BlackBerry’s, which are limited exclusively to RIM devices, Android is not tied to a particular device and any hardware manufacturer can develop on this platform. In addition, Android is an operating system even very good. It is as fast as iOS, and has an intuitive and flexible, equipped with a multitude of options. Not to mention that the people at Google Work on the permanent improvement platform.

Disadvantages of Android-
Android is ideal when it comes to setting your e-mail, importing contacts from Gmail and use the calendar, but when it comes to music and video content, you’re on your own, because Android has no application media developed Google as the iPhone has iTunes. Android offers a lot of options related to phone usage and mobile content, a very good thing for experienced users, but a disadvantage for beginners. I composed a top in which we included the most interesting and useful android apps that I could think of.
Applications are divided into several categories, and cardholders Android devices. Update: It is possible that the list not to be right up to date since it’s been a while since I published this article. I try to come back with an updated list in a separate article in the shortest time. In the meantime I recommend you throw an eye on applications below.

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