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Social Media Optimization or SMO is an issue that should not be missing in your strategies. SMO may sound like a complicated strategy, as something that is reserved only for experts in Social Media, but it is not complicated, and the results will be as. Using Social Media Optimization can: 1. Increase traffic to your site/blog 2. Increased visibility of contents 3. Increase brand, and more.

1. Organizează yourself
• Set your goal. The objective must be clear. What are you looking for? Grow your newsletter subscriber list to bring traffic or find new customers?
• Evaluate platforms. Analyze and evaluate social media platforms that you’re more focused, depending on the content/product your order strategy, etc.
• Find the right tools. There are plenty of tools that can help optimize your strategies.

2. Use tags OG (Open Graph) Whether you have a blog (WordPress) or shop (Magento, PrestaShop, etc.) are different plugins that can help with these tags. What are these tags?

3. Encourage interaction Use plugins “???? social-share” that are as easy to use and as visible. If blogs (WordPress) for example are a lot of plugins that encourages interaction. An example is “???? Click to Tweet” (you can put a quote that can be shared on Twitter) or Easy Social Share (plugin with “???? tons”, literally “tons” of settings and optimizations ).
4. Optimize content distribution 1. Distribute content several times, not just once. (Different days, different times) 2. Analyze the hours/days with the best results are a lot of tools that you can monitor. 3. Optimize the distribution. Example, a simple title, and topic accompanied by a small teaser. 5. Engage 1. Do not limit yourself to just distribute your content. Build part of the strategy and reprocitate. 2. Reply to comment, enter into conversation, even negative ones, do not hide!

6. Social networking? 1. Connecting with other professionals, other businesses in your niche might seem counter-intuitive if you’re accustomed to offline businesses, but in the online environment, relationships matter. 2. Come and participate in discussion groups Facebook, Google Plus, and LinkedIn, where you discuss your niche and distribute content/niche products. Do not avoid commenting on others’ posts, to provide feedback, ask questions and provide answers.

7. Reputation? Some of the examples: 1. Share your niche relevant content. 2. Join the discussions in your niche. 3. Answer all comments in a more natural, even the negative ones. 4. Constantly monitors what is being said about your business, both on your pages and elsewhere. There are various tools that can help (see below).

8. Since tools results, best requires much work every day, why do not you piss little tasks? With these tools, you can facilitate and streamline the work and not only! It not only helps to reduce the time required, but you also offer many interesting facts on which you can optimize campaigns online. To take full advantage and reduces the time spent online environment I recommend some tools.

If you are looking for an SMO, please not hesitate to contact Einfach Hub company.

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