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Search engine optimization or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process improvement (favouring) the visibility of websites or web pages within the ordering of search results in a search engine ranking list. SEO is a subset of Online Marketing, SEM and practice occurred in 1990 with the advent of the first sites on the Internet, and representing all techniques. With time, optimizing a web page of a website has become a service offered by some companies and/or corporations. In the early days of the Internet, search engines were displaying a search result pages, the description of which is the search word. As webmasters (site owners) have abused this factor, search engines have made much more complex algorithms that include:

• The text between the tags
• Domain name
• HTML elements
• HTML tags
• Frequency keyword in both the page and the global
• Synonyms keyword
• ALT attributes for images
• Title links
• Total number of hyperlinks to and from a page
• Quality sites to which links go to a page of a site
• Age

In a broad sense, SEO is a part of marketing in that it requires understanding how search algorithms work and what visitors seek to establish correspondence with sites offering what they seek. SEO optimization techniques may involve some coding a site without making changes visible to visitors as well as site structure hierarchy, avoiding or fixing problems that could prevent search engines from indexing the full site. Other efforts more visible would be to include unique content that is easily indexed and extracted from the websites.

The term SEO can also refer to “Optimize for Search Engines,” a term adopted by industry consultants dealing with website optimization on behalf of clients and employees owners of websites that can work SEO in-house. SEO consultants often offer SEO as a stand-alone service as part of a larger marketing campaign. Since an efficient optimization process may require changes to the source code of the website is recommended to be included in the initial development and design of the site to get to be “Search Engine Friendly”. The term “Search Engine Friendly” is used by companies to present website designs, menus of them, content management system and the basket of products that can be optimized easily and effectively. It is said that Google has over 300 factors in the composition results display algorithm, which created many controversies related to SEO tactics, among webmasters. And in a poll, over 120 SEO experts offered opinions about the importance of 80 factors ranking.

SEO helps:

• search engines do their best work
• people find information, images, products they need
• small businesses to compete with big companies • and industry specialists and trainers to have jobs
• reduce spending on online promotion Without SEO a blind browsing the Internet using a screen reader – a program which reads website content, would fail to understand that contains a site or another, especially if they consist of images known as pic2054 .jpg instead of stick-pliabil.jpg.

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