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What is the cost of a PPC campaign and you can get traffic?

To start a PPC campaign on Google AdWords which bring us the desired results must, above all, to choose your keywords carefully and organize them into appropriate groups. After we looked and we decided what words fit our business, we estimate the traffic will come from future AdWords ads and can determine what budget and what the auction price suits us. To do all these things Google provides us with a tool called the Keyword Planner. With it, we can create a campaign ad network starting from just a few words that we consider relevant or a website. Keyword Planner is a tool introduced recently, combining the functions of two sites tool, Keyword Tool, and Traffic Estimator, and making improvements.

Choosing the right keywords gives us three options Keyword Planner to help us build PPC campaign. For choosing keywords we can use the first option in the Keyword Planner (Search for keyword and ad group ideas). It is similar Keyword Tool, only now we can choose not only the country where we want to display ads but also cities or regions (if we have a campaign that will target users in a specific region/city). Suppose we want to promote an online clothing shop for women that can be delivered in Romania. First, we make a short list of products sold (jacket, Women pyjamas, ladies blouse, ladies tops, ladies shirt, skirt, trousers, women’s jacket, women’s coats, women’s jacket). Put them using the first option and choosing location and language. Tool will suggest a list of keywords and one containing keywords grouped (groups of words in the same category). In such estimates can see average monthly searches, competition type and average cost per click from groups displayed can choose the words that fold on what we want to sell. Afterward, we will have to review the keywords they contain these groups to eliminate irrelevant words (Review Estimates). Also for adding keywords in plan and uses the last option in Keyword Planner, Multiply keyword lists.

Traffic estimation and costs of chosen keywords:

After we made sure that we only relevant words, we can move to daily traffic estimation and cost. For this, it is necessary to add the simulator maximum cost that we are willing to pay per click (bid). Here is how we can create a PPC campaign for helping us Keyword Planner. If you find it difficult or simply do not want to contact you puzzled specialists from Einfach Hub company and you have a campaign properly implemented and closely monitored.

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