Ad Campaign Management Services

Make 99% of the advertisement on the internet (including Google and Facebook) to find new customers and brings back the lost. For best results, we offer a professional account manager. Why should you advertise with us your Adore All in one place and Adore banners for Facebook, targeting and retargeting campaigns – you can now manage everything related to online advertising from a single account. Take goodbye to multiple accounts and interfaces. With self-optimizing performance and Banner snack Ad Campaigns, you can run the keyword campaigns targeting and retargeting – the most efficient types of the campaign so far. Furthermore, using auto-optimization for you to get the best results. Account management professions.

Online advertising is not brained surgery on, but it’s no walk in the park. You also should not spend countless hours trying to understand everything. Therefore, we offer you your own account manager who will help you at every step. Adore the largest coverage for your display your ads on both Google and Facebook in the campaign. Moreover, since we work with partners advertising, your ads will run on a much larger inventory, including desktop and mobile devices.

Simplified Reporting Banner snack Ad Campaigns will not give you headaches and do not have to be an expert AdWords. I created a simple reporting, focused, with the most important metrics that tell you how your campaign goes the banner design experience we know that banners are important for a successful campaign. We have constantly improved templates. Can you create your own creator Adore with our easy to use the banner or to place an order with our banner design?

One Track area conversion tracking code is very important to measure the performance of online advertising campaigns. I made it very easy for one tracking code you install on all pages on all sites. With it, you can watch conversions and create lists for retargeting campaigns. Faster results with rates engage. All conversions are at first interaction with the landing page. That shows you engage rate: Percentage of users who have interacted with your page after they have clicked on your banner. Because you faster results, you can decide which performs best.

How does Banner snack Ad Campaigns?

Add your banners and/or Facebook Adore Select the My banners, upload from your computer or create Adore Facebook instantly. Once you’ve added the banners, just edit your landing page once and will be automatically added to all your advertisements. Select the type of campaign and details to choose the location where you want to show your Adore, the type of campaign (targeting or retargeting) and add details. If you’re not sure of the type of campaign, you can read more here. Edit budget edit and save your campaign budget, selects and saves the data. Our account managers will handle everything from now on.

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