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Search engine optimization or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process improvement (favouring) the visibility of websites or web pages within the ordering of search results in a search engine ranking list. SEO is a subset of Online Marketing, SEM and practice occurred in 1990 with the advent of the first sites on the Internet, and representing all techniques. With time, optimizing a web page of a website has become a service offered by some companies and/or corporations…

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Social Media Optimization or SMO is an issue that should not be missing in your strategies. SMO may sound like a complicated strategy, as something that is reserved only for experts in Social Media, but it is not complicated, and the results will be as. Using Social Media Optimization can: 1. Increase traffic to your site/blog 2. Increased visibility of contents 3. Increase brand, and more.

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What is the cost of a PPC campaign and you can get traffic?

To start a PPC campaign on Google AdWords which bring us the desired results must, above all, to choose your keywords carefully and organize them into appropriate groups. After we looked and we decided what words fit our business, we estimate the traffic will come from future AdWords ads and can determine what budget and what the auction price suits us. To do all these things Google provides us with a tool called the Keyword Planner…

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Mobile SEO

Why it’s a must optimize websites for mobile friendly?

• Mobile search – and more numerous this year was announced by overcoming Google Mobile Search. The number of searches conducted on mobile devices exceeded that of desktop search, which is yet another reason to make a version of the site optimized for mobile devices.
• Optimizing a website for the Google Mobile Tool for checking the level of display and mobile optimization is found at …

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Ad Campaign Management

Make 99% of the advertisement on the internet (including Google and Facebook) to find new customers and brings back the lost. For best results, we offer a professional account manager. Why should you advertise with us your Adore All in one place and Adore banners for Facebook, targeting and retargeting campaigns – you can now manage everything related to online advertising from a single account. Take goodbye to multiple accounts and interfaces…

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