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Shopify is a platform through which you can create an online store quite easily. There’s something kind all inclusive. That is, they offer hosting, email and all you have to shop online, especially the electronic payments. It is true that there is a fee for this, but each payment processor charges a fee for each card transaction. And until you can negotiate your fee you need some volume. Shopify studying for a project of someone cee seems to be but does not know anyone who had used this platform in a Romanian online store. Searching on Google more information about Shopify in Romania we find old posts where people complained that you can not display prices in RON or that no payment processors Shopify partners to provide support for RON.

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that offers all services in one place. The system is known as the Saas (software as a service) platform functionalities that can be accessed as services that are paid on a monthly subscription basis.

To open an online shop Shopify just – do your account www.shopify.com – you choose a tariff plan (starting at $ 29 / month) – you choose a theme for your online store (have available over 100 free options) – add products – begin to sell (Shopify has over 70 available payment methods already integrated)

Platform advantages beyond speed setup an online store on a predefined theme is given and technical aspects. Thus, the hosting is included and there is no limit to the number of products that can be introduced into the platform. Which means that regardless of the number of products online store will load just as fast. Shopify ensures traffic viziualizări 100,000 per minute. Moreover, it has integrated a Content Delivery Network ensures high performance at speed page loading. We must not forget marketing tools integrated actions that allow you to SEO, Adwords or directly from the MailChimp platform. It is true that throughout this description, you might ask: where we come in? Why you need a web design agency?

As we said, Shopify offers 100 free templates for setting up an online store. But what do you do if you want a 100% custom design? Or if you find a template, but you want to be able to sell custom clothing instead of flowers?
In this case, you have to choose a Webdesign company. Einfach Hub is this company you need for helping you with this platform. It is specialized with different types of platforms.
Looking for a web design company to help with your project, you found it. Einfach Hub company works with those platforms, and have an experience of working with different clients.

Online presence is vital both for a small company and for an economic giant. A package of web design companies with a professional design helps you define your virtual image of your business properly.
With a website you can reach them, you can present its products and services offer a low-cost web design, 24h / day, 7 days/week. More than 600 million people surf the internet and a quarter of them resort to various services of web design companies, web design or implementation services shop.

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