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Products and categories Base is a PrestaShop store or catalog that contains products and product categories. Adding products is not only text but images and adding and validating content. It means pricing, weight, size, characteristics, specifications, details, the manufacturer, supplier each product and much more. The “Catalog” can be accessed by opening the menu with the same name, which lists all pages related products. From here you can manage the product catalog for all store.

Prestashop SEO is SEO friendly e-commerce platform that allows you to enter meta sites to optimize for search engines store: meta title, meta description, meta keywords and friendly URLs. To improve printing products but also to increase the visibility of the store, these fields should be completed on each page.

ERP integration with PrestaShop is an e-commerce platform that can be integrated with the system so gestiune online store stocks products to reflect the real situation in store or warehouse. Among the advantages of synchronization, stocks include: avoid situations where a product is shown as being in stock but in reality is depleted, reducing costs with manual updating of stocks.

An online store with MailChimp integration platform developed PrestaShop can be integrated with MailChimp subscribers list so the newsletter to synchronize automatically. Every time someone subscribes to the newsletter online store will automatically add the information to the list in MailChimp.

Payment methods and carriers An online store built on PrestaShop allows all types of payment: cash payment, card payment, payment through PayPal payment by check or bank transfer. PrestaShop offers the opportunity for carriers to integrate the most popular delivery companies in the country and the world if you want to deliver internationally. You can get an unlimited number of carriers and destinations, you can offer discounts for transport, you can enable tracking of the package, you can set delivery charges depending on price, volume or weight and beyond.

PrestaShop secure, platform, secure your data and customers. PrestaShop platform is PCI compliant and supports SSL certificates. You can be sure that the platform offers all the security measures you need to conduct an online trade.

If you want to add platform modules PrestaShop new features, besides the base, there are many modules that can be purchased and installed on the official site. These modules are validated and their quality is assured. Multilingual PrestaShop is a platform that will allow you to expand sales internationally by the possibility of achieving a multilingual online store. PrestaShop allows you to make easy translations into any language you want.
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