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Introduction OpenCart
OpenCart is an open source for CMS e-commerce solution based on PHP and MySQL. A CMS (Content Management System) is a software system used to aid users in managing the content of a Web site. A Web CMS is used to store, modify and publish specific data from documents to specific articles and technical books. The most popular CMS in addition OpenCart are Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, and Prestashop. OpenCart uses a framework based on MVC architecture (Model-View-Controller), its purpose is to separate data module user interface (view), so that the interface changes do not affect the data.
• MVC architecture solves this problem by decoupling data access and business logic from data presentation and user interaction, by introducing an intermediate component, called Controller. MVC architecture is built on three main components:

• Component Model – is a specific representation (as data) information which concerns the application;
• Component View (view) – interprets the model into a form suitable for interaction (in an interface element). For one model can be developed many views with different purposes;
• Controller component (controller) – Classes are making a communication between the two previous components (View and Model) interface processes the events and responds to them. It can also invoke changes in the model.

What do we need from a technical standpoint to use OpenCart?

Server running: Windows IIS or Apache, PHP, and MySQL 5+
• For PHP we need some settings namely: Register Globals: Off – normally after PHP 4.2.0, this setting is made OFF by default, but it’s good to verificămMagic Quotes GPC: Off – to avoid the [/] in the text displayed in siteFile Uploads: on – to be able to upload / download dateSession Auto Start: Off – to have new complete access over when we decide to start a session • and finally pothole and needed several extensions: MySQL on GD: on curl on ZIP on
OpenCart will not work correctly or at all on a server that does not meet these requirements. Of the three platforms, OpenCart version is the simplest and easiest to use. It provides most of the functionality that you need and you can choose from a large list of modules that you can add free or cost quite small. The administration interface is also very simple and effective.

The natural question anyone who wants to create an online store is that of the three platforms to choose? On this question, there is a simple answer. Each platform has its advantages and disadvantages. One who is in a position to choose need to establish clear priorities and choose the option that suits you best. Magento is the leading internationally. That does not mean that Prestashop or OpenCart may not have the same performance in the case of online shops is not very complex. Our advice as web design company is not to throw from home to first choice and little studied in detail, the most important thing is to ask us, Einfach Hub company which are a specialized company that is able to help with your projects.

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